Group Therapy

Join a group to connect with your community.
Groups can be psycho-educational, skill-building and spaces for offering and receiving support.  

Mental Health Support Group For Black, Indigenous and People of Color


          4-week Virtual Group for BIPOC to

          come together in a space for healing.


          When? Fridays, 3:30-4:30pm,

                          *Starting June 5th


          Where? Online Via Zoom


          Cost? FREE


The current and historical events of police brutality, institutionalized racism and ongoing devaluation of Black people in this country, have left many feeling exhausted and helpless. The pain runs deep and healing from the intergenerational trauma is an ongoing process. This group will aim to provide community and safe space for BIPOC to come together, to share their internal experiences and discuss ways to care for their wellbeing. Discussion topics will be determined by the lead therapist and collaboratively to address the needs of the group. Topics may include:


  • How to cope with the grief over the loss of black lives and the helplessness around racial structures and systems

  • Guilt pertaining to "not doing enough." When to resist and when to seek out restorative, healing spaces.

  • Changing your orientation to the pain through mindfulness and awareness practices 


  • Social justice actions within the Black community and where to find other communities of healing right now


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