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Group Therapy

Join a group to connect with your community.
Groups can be psycho-educational, skill-building and spaces for offering and receiving support.  


Level Up This Fall: Stress and Anxiety Mindfulness Group for Teens


Who is this for? This group is for teens in grades 9-12 that are looking to learn skills to better understand yourself and your emotions, communicate better with your parents and friends, and develop a toolkit to help you navigate your teen years and beyond. 

This group will be trans and queer allied, and we will build community and create a safe space for all racial, ethnic, and cultural identities where you can share about your identity if you choose. **This group is not restricted to CA residents, anyone is able to join. 

What is it? In this interactive course, some of the topics and skills we might discuss and practice are:

-Skills to help you to navigate difficult emotions and stressful situations

-Communication skills to help you have conversations with your parents to set boundaries or ask for more independence

-Navigating friendships and romantic relationships

-Exploring your relationship with your body and body image

-Exploring your relationship with technology

When? Wednesdays 6-7 pm

Where? Zoom. This group will be virtual but very interactive, including experiential exercises and breakout rooms for discussions

Fee? $600 for all 8 sessions. (Superbill statements will be provided for insurance reimbursement) 

This group will be facilitated by Olivia Rivera, LCSW, Certified Mindfulness Instructor. Olivia has been teaching mindfulness to youth in the bay area since 2010. Learn more about Olivia here.

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