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Group Therapy

Join a group to connect with your community.
Groups can be psycho-educational, skill-building and spaces for offering and receiving support.  


Preparing for Summer Screen Time: A Workshop for Parents of Pre-Teens/Teens

Date and Time: April 27th, 12:30 - 1:30pm
Location: Zoom

Looking to escape the summer nagging cycle this year? WestCoast Therapy and Wellness invites parents of teens to join us for a one-hour workshop focused on hard skills for limiting screen time and talking to your teen about their online experiences. 

This workshop will be an opportunity to explore your own values about tech use, obstacles to reducing and monitoring kids’ time online, and take-home resources for building a summer screen time plan.

Through this workshop, you will learn:

  • A brief overview of current research on teens and tech

  • How and when to get your teen’s buy-in for screen limits

  • In-the-moment skills for talking to teens about online experiences (the good and the bad)

  • Tools for monitoring and reducing screen time to help you escape the nagging cycle


The aim of this workshop is to take us beyond what we read in the news about teens in the digital age. There will be a combination of didactics, reflection, and tools for your family to use at home, ending with a Q&A.

Fee? $30 

Who will be leading this workshop?

This workshop is being led by Joanna Jaroszewska, AMFT. Joanna is a marriage and family therapist with West Coast Therapy and Wellness, located in Oakland, CA. She received her BS in Community and Regional Development at the University of California Davis, and completed her MS in Counseling at San Francisco State University, with a concentration in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. 

Joanna has spent the past several years providing therapy and counseling services to help adults and teens navigate personal, familial, professional, and global changes. She loves working with adolescents and their families as they adapt to change- whether it’s a better understanding and celebrating a teen’s gender identity, knowing how to discuss family separation, or finding healthy ways to cope with an unexpected loss. As a first-generation Polish American, she is dedicated to helping individuals live their lives vibrantly in the face of unexpected challenges and cultural friction.

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