Group Therapy

Join a group to connect with your community.
Groups can be psycho-educational, skill-building and spaces for offering and receiving support.  

Mental Health and Wellness for Parents!

4-week Virtual Group for Parents to Connect and Find Support 


When? Tuesdays, 12-1pm, Starting May 12th, 2020


Where? Online Via Zoom


Cost? $500 for 4 Group Sessions 


Parents! Many of you have become preschool or home-school teachers, while juggling work schedules and getting everyone fed. In this challenging time, it is normal to be feeling overwhelmed. Community and support is important right now. Take time for your mental health each week and join our group. 


  • Offer and receive support from other parents

  • Learn strategies to foster flexibility and mindfulness

  • Evidence-based approaches to handle behavioral challenges


  • Share and discuss how to manage work and at home life balance


Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop


Join us for a 1-hour, experiential workshop to practice mindful self-compassion 


When? Monday, May 18th, 1-2pm

Where? Online Via Zoom


Cost? Donation-Based Workshop, Suggested Donation $75


“The power of self-compassion is not just an idea – it’s very real and actually manifests in our bodies. When we soothe our own pain we are triggering the release of oxytocin.” Research shows that increased levels of oxytocin increase feelings of trust, calm, safety, generosity, and connectedness, and facilitates the ability to feel warmth and compassion for ourselves and for others. Not only does it make us feel good, but it expands our ability to thrive in challenging situations.


Commit to your well-being and join us for an hour of your day. 

Learn more about our Selective Mutism Group Intensive
happening in August 2020!

*Check back in June 2020 for our fall groups!


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