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Selective Mutism Program

Selective Mutism is a childhood anxiety disorder characterized by an inability to speak in social settings, despite ability to speak at home or in other situations.

Our team provides specialized care to support the unique needs of each child and adolescent with selective mutism. We collaborate with parents and school staff to support your child in generalizing their progress in therapy to their school and community environments.


What does therapy look like?

Weekly Therapy Sessions
Intensive On-Site Therapy
Intensive Off-Site Therapy
School advocacy and school push-in


Children and adolescents with selective mutism often need the most support in their school! We work with your school to ensure your child is receiving all the appropriate support and to help generalize gains into the classroom. Depending on the needs of your child and the school, we train teachers and school staff, provide push-in support and help advocate during the 504 and IEP process.

Selective Mutism Summer Group Intensive

What is a Selective Mutism Group Intensive?

Our  Summer Group Intensive is a 1-week program designed to give children practice talking in a school environment with new peers and adults. Throughout the week, children receive support to communicate and participate in activities they would encounter on a typical school day. Our program is led by Christy Tadros, who has several years of experience running similar programs. She was trained as a counselor in the Brave Buddies Program at the Child Mind Institute, and worked with Dr. Steven Kurtz for several years, co-leading the Mighty Mouth Kids Program in NYC.


Some of the activities your child will get to practice:

Working and talking with a partner
Joining in cooperative and group play during recess
Giving several presentations
Self-Advocacy, for example, asking for help or to use the bathroom
Going on a fieldtrip

Speaking to people in the community, i.e at the library or the ice cream store
Practice reading assessments
Get comfortable with school celebration, such as birthday parties
Take a visit to the dentist or school nurse


All activities involve practicing verbalizations with unfamiliar adults and peers. The primary goal is to generalize talking to as many people, places, and activities during the week.

How will my child do all these activities?

Each child will receive 1:1 specialized support from a counselor assigned to working with them. Counselors break down each activity into small steps and provide rehearsal practice until the child is able to meet their goal for the day, or the week.


What if my child is in a different stage of progress than other children?

Individual goals are developed prior to camp and adapted each day, throughout the day, to meet the needs of each camper. The team meets every morning and evening of camp to plan for how to help each child meet their goals.

Who is it for?

Children ages 4 - 10 years old with a diagnosis of selective mutism or  who are unable to speak in social situations outside of their home.


4 sessions are offered in June, July, and August. Email us at for more details 


Berkeley, CA

Set up a 15 min free consult call to learn more about our selective mutism program and what services best match your child’s needs.
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